1: Diwali in India - Festival of lights celebrated with fireworks and sweets

2: Carnaval in Brazil - Colorful parade with samba dancers and elaborate costumes

3: Hanami in Japan - Cherry blossom viewing parties with picnics under blooming trees

4: Oktoberfest in Germany - Beer festival with traditional music, food, and beer tents

5: Day of the Dead in Mexico - Honoring deceased loved ones with altars, music, and food

6: Chinese New Year - Dragon dances, lantern festivals, and family gatherings

7: Mardi Gras in New Orleans - Parades, parties, and feasting before Lent begins

8: Thanksgiving in the United States - A day of gratitude with turkey, stuffing, and pie

9: Holi in India - Festival of colors with powdered dyes, water fights, and dancing

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