1: Olivia Pope, the fierce crisis manager, could lead her own spinoff on ABC.

2: Huck, the skilled hacker and former assassin, has potential for his own show.

3: Mellie Grant, the ambitious former First Lady, could bring drama in a new series.

4: Jake Ballard, the complex B613 operative, may have his story expanded.

5: Cyrus Beene, the cunning political mastermind, could plot his own spinoff.

6: Quinn Perkins, the tough former gladiator, has the makings of a spinoff.

7: Abby Whelan, the loyal former White House Press Secretary, could lead a new series.

8: Marcus Walker, the passionate activist, could inspire a spinoff full of heart.

9: David Rosen, the dedicated Attorney General, may have a spinoff in his future.