1: Discover the hidden gems on streaming platforms with our list of the top underrated shows. From thrillers to comedies, there's something for everyone.

2: "Derry Girls" - A hilarious coming-of-age comedy set in 1990s Northern Ireland. Watch as four friends navigate teenage life against the backdrop of The Troubles.

3: "Dark" - This German sci-fi thriller explores time travel and the interconnected lives of four families. Prepare for mind-bending twists and turns.

4: "Search Party" - Follow a group of self-absorbed friends as they become entangled in a mystery. Dark humor and unexpected plot twists await.

5: "Ramy" - A unique perspective on millennial life as an Egyptian-American navigating cultural and religious identity. This comedy-drama is both heartfelt and hilarious.

6: "Killing Eve" - A cat-and-mouse game between a bored MI6 agent and a skilled assassin. Expect sharp dialogue, stylish visuals, and complex characters.

7: "Patriot" - A dark comedy about an intelligence officer who goes undercover at a piping firm. Quirky and unpredictable, this show subverts spy thriller tropes.

8: "The Expanse" - This space opera combines political intrigue, advanced technology, and complex characters. Set in a future where Earth and Mars are on the brink of war.

9: "Never Have I Ever" - A coming-of-age comedy about an Indian-American teen navigating high school. Heartfelt and humorous, this Netflix gem resonates with audiences of all ages.

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