1: "Top 5 Zodiac Signs Ranked by Sophistication" Discover which zodiac signs exude elegance and style. Surprising findings await!

2: "Scorpio" Mysterious and refined, Scorpio ranks high on the sophistication scale.

3: "Libra" With a love for beauty and balance, Libra shines in sophistication rankings.

4: "Leo" Dramatic and regal, Leo's flair for the luxurious lands them in the top 5.

5: "Virgo" Detail-oriented and polished, Virgo's sophistication is unmatched.

6: "Aquarius" Unique and avant-garde, Aquarius brings a modern touch to sophistication rankings.

7: "Gemini" Versatile and charming, Gemini surprises with their sophisticated style.

8: "Capricorn" Ambitious and poised, Capricorn earns a spot in the top 5 zodiac signs for sophistication.

9: "Pisces" Artistic and dreamy, Pisces rounds out the top 5 with their ethereal sophistication.

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