1: The beloved That '70s Show cast will make special guest appearances on Netflix's That '90s Show spinoff, reuniting for a nostalgic treat for fans.

2: Fans can expect to see familiar faces like Kelso, Jackie, and Fez return to the small screen for the highly anticipated spinoff series.

3: That '90s Show will follow a new group of teenagers in Wisconsin, with the original cast members popping in for memorable cameos.

4: The spinoff promises to bring the same humor, heart, and nostalgia as the original series, with a modern twist for a new generation of viewers.

5: Die-hard fans of That '70s Show can look forward to seeing their favorite characters in new and unexpected ways on That '90s Show.

6: The special guest appearances by the original cast members will add an extra layer of magic and excitement to the upcoming spinoff series.

7: That '90s Show is set to be a must-watch for fans of the original series, with the return of the iconic That '70s Show cast members.

8: Netflix's That '90s Show promises to transport viewers back in time while offering a fresh and modern take on the beloved Wisconsin gang.

9: Get ready to laugh, cry, and reminisce as the That '70s Show cast reunites for special guest appearances on the highly anticipated spinoff series.