1: "Supreme Court ruling expands options for those seeking justice in cases of job discrimination."

2: "The decision narrows the scope of what constitutes a 'filing' a complaint, making it easier to bring a lawsuit."

3: "This ruling highlights the importance of holding employers accountable for discriminatory practices in the workplace."

4: "Victims of job discrimination now have more legal options to seek justice and compensation for their experiences."

5: "Employers must now be even more vigilant in ensuring fair treatment of all employees to avoid costly legal battles."

6: "The Supreme Court decision ensures that victims of job discrimination have a clearer path to seek justice."

7: "This ruling serves as a reminder that no one should have to endure discrimination in the workplace."

8: "Employers must prioritize creating a safe and inclusive work environment to prevent instances of job discrimination."

9: "The Supreme Court's decision empowers individuals to take action against discrimination and fight for their rights."