1: Diwali in India Experience the vibrant lights and fireworks of Diwali, a festival of joy and togetherness celebrated across India.

2: Carnival in Brazil Join the colorful parades and samba dances of Carnival, the largest festival in Brazil.

3: Mid-Autumn Festival in China Celebrate the beauty of the full moon and indulge in delicious mooncakes during China's Mid-Autumn Festival.

4: Day of the Dead in Mexico Honor deceased loved ones with vibrant altars and marigold flowers during Mexico's Day of the Dead.

5: Oktoberfest in Germany Raise a stein of beer and enjoy traditional Bavarian music and dancing at Germany's famous Oktoberfest celebration.

6: Songkran in Thailand Experience Thailand's traditional New Year celebration with water fights and colorful parades during Songkran.

7: Hanukkah in Israel Light the menorah candles and savor delicious latkes during the eight nights of Hanukkah in Israel.

8: Christmas in the Philippines Experience the longest Christmas season in the world and enjoy festive parol lanterns in the Philippines.

9: Holi in India Join the colorful powder throwing and joyous celebrations of Holi, the festival of colors in India.

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