1: Diwali in India - Experience the colorful lights and fireworks of this Hindu festival.

2: Day of the Dead in Mexico - Celebrate with vibrant altars and parades honoring ancestors.

3: Carnival in Brazil - Get swept up in samba music, elaborate costumes, and street parties.

4: Chinese New Year - Join the festivities with dragon dances and fireworks to usher in luck.

5: Oktoberfest in Germany - Raise a stein of beer and enjoy traditional music and food.

6: Holi in Nepal - Embrace the chaos of colored powders and water fights in the streets.

7: Mardi Gras in New Orleans - Revel in parades, bead-throwing, and southern cuisine.

8: Obon in Japan - Commemorate ancestors with lanterns, bonfires, and traditional dances.

9: Bastille Day in France - Experience fireworks, parades, and a celebration of French culture.

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