1: The Biden administration has decided to end the sanctions waiver on Venezuelan oil, signaling a shift in policy towards the South American country.

2: This decision comes as part of a broader effort to pressure the Maduro government and support the Venezuelan people in their fight for democracy.

3: The sanctions waiver had allowed some companies to continue importing Venezuelan oil despite the ongoing political crisis in the country.

4: By ending the waiver, the Biden administration hopes to increase pressure on the Maduro regime and encourage a peaceful transition to democracy.

5: Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world, but its oil production has plummeted in recent years due to mismanagement and corruption.

6: The sanctions on Venezuelan oil have contributed to a severe economic crisis in the country, with widespread shortages of food and medicine.

7: Ending the waivers is expected to further restrict Venezuela's ability to export oil and generate much-needed revenue for the government.

8: However, critics argue that the sanctions could harm the Venezuelan people more than the government and call for a more targeted approach to sanctions policy.

9: The Biden administration's decision to end the oil sanctions waiver on Venezuela marks a significant shift in US policy towards the troubled South American nation.