1: Bad Bunny's SpiderMan spinoff, El Muerto, has been removed from Sony's release schedule, sparking speculation among fans.

2: The highly-anticipated movie was set to delve into the origins of the iconic Marvel character El Muerto.

3: Bad Bunny was set to make his acting debut in the film, adding excitement for both music and superhero fans.

4: However, sources say the removal from the schedule may point to production or scheduling issues.

5: Fans are eagerly awaiting an official statement from Sony regarding the fate of El Muerto.

6: Despite the setback, Bad Bunny's involvement has generated significant buzz for the project.

7: With the rising popularity of superhero movies, El Muerto was poised to be a major success.

8: The news of its removal has left many wondering about the future of the film and its release date.

9: Stay tuned for updates on the status of Bad Bunny's SpiderMan spinoff, El Muerto, as more information becomes available.