1: Discover bizarre foods from ancient civilizations like fermented fish guts and rotten shark meat.

2: Explore the world of ancient Maya cuisine with dishes like chocolate mole and escamoles.

3: Uncover the strange flavors of Roman banquet feasts, including stuffed dormice and roasted flamingo.

4: Learn about Incan delicacies such as roasted guinea pig and fermented potato beer.

5: Travel to ancient China and try dishes like bird's nest soup and drunken shrimp.

6: Delve into the world of Viking cuisine with dishes like blood pudding and fermented fish.

7: Experience the bizarre foods of ancient Egypt, like honeyed locusts and stuffed crocodile.

8: Sample Aztec dishes such as chocolate chili mole and fried ant larvae.

9: Be amazed by the strange foods of ancient Greece, including roasted ostrich and lark tongues.

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