1: Discover the power of Amethyst, known for its calming energy and ability to promote stress relief.

2: Rose Quartz, the crystal of love and compassion, can help heal emotional wounds and invite more love into your life.

3: Clear Quartz is a versatile crystal that can amplify energy and enhance clarity of thought.

4: Citrine is a joyful stone that can attract prosperity and abundance into your life.

5: Black Tourmaline is a protective stone that can absorb negative energy and promote feelings of security.

6: Lapis Lazuli is a powerful crystal that can enhance intuition and spiritual awareness.

7: Celestite is a calming crystal that can promote inner peace and relaxation.

8: Selenite is a purifying crystal that can cleanse your energy and promote mental clarity.

9: Labradorite is a mystical stone that can enhance intuition and unlock your hidden potential.

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