1: "Create a low-maintenance landscape with these ground cover options that prevent weeds."

2: "1. Creeping Thyme: Drought-tolerant and fragrant, this option adds texture and color."

3: "2. Sedum: With succulent leaves, sedum is a tough ground cover for sunny spots."

4: "3. Hostas: Shade-loving hostas provide lush foliage and grow quickly to fill in spaces."

5: "4. Moss: Ideal for damp areas, moss is a no-mow option for a green carpet."

6: "5. Vinca Minor: Evergreen and low-growing, vinca minor offers year-round coverage."

7: "6. Liriope: Also known as monkey grass, liriope is a tough and versatile option."

8: "7. Ornamental Grasses: These grasses offer texture and movement while suppressing weeds."

9: "8. Clover: Nitrogen-fixing and low-maintenance, clover is a budget-friendly ground cover option."

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