1: 1. Simone Biles defies gravity with her signature move, the Biles. 2. The daring triple-double on floor left fans speechless.

2: 3. Biles astounds with a flawless Yurchenko double pike vault. 4. The historic double-double beam dismount was executed with precision.

3: 5. The energetic Melon on bars showcases Biles' power and control. 6. The stunning Amanar vault solidified Biles' status as a gymnastics legend.

4: 7. Biles wows with an impeccable front layout full on beam. 8. The dynamic Moors on floor highlights Biles' incredible flexibility and strength.

5: 9. The intricate Chusovitina vault is a testament to Biles' versatility. 10. Biles amazes with a flawless double-double on floor routine.

6: 11. The risky full-in back-out double tuck on floor displays Biles' fearless nature. 12. Biles pushes boundaries with the impressive Cheng vault.

7: 13. The graceful Onodi on beam showcases Biles' agility and precision. 14. Biles stuns with a powerful double layout half out on floor.

8: 15. The dynamic Silivas on floor routine highlights Biles' artistry and skill. 16. Biles captivates with a perfect Amanar vault.

9: 17. The daring Moors on floor routine solidifies Biles' legacy in gymnastics. 18. Biles continues to push the limits with her innovative routines.

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