1: 1. Clean coffee maker with vinegar. 2. Remove mineral deposits from showerhead.

2: 3. DIY weed killer using vinegar. 4. Refresh produce with vinegar wash.

3: 5. Natural fabric softener alternative. 6. Remove sticker residue with vinegar.

4: 7. Unclog drains without harsh chemicals. 8. Keep flowers fresh longer with vinegar.

5: 9. Mix vinegar with water for all-purpose cleaner. 10. Eliminate odors with vinegar spray.

6: 11. Deter ants and pests with vinegar. 12. Soothe sunburns with vinegar compress.

7: 13. Brighten laundry with vinegar in wash. 14. Disinfect cutting boards with vinegar.

8: 15. Use vinegar to clean stainless steel. 16. Prevent colors from fading in laundry.

9: 17. Tackle tough stains with vinegar pre-treat. 18. Condition hair naturally with vinegar rinse. SEO Keywords: vinegar uses, unexpected vinegar uses, vinegar hacks, vinegar cleaning tips, natural cleaning with vinegar.

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