1: 1. Bug repellent: Lavender’s scent keeps bugs at bay. 2. Sleep aid: Spritz a lavender mist on your pillow for better sleep. 3. Relaxing bath: Add lavender oil to your bathwater. 4. Headache relief: Rub lavender oil on temples for relief.

2: 5. Skin soother: Lavender helps calm irritated skin. 6. Room freshener: Fill a spray bottle with lavender water. 7. Laundry scent booster: Add lavender sachets to your dryer.

3: 8. Anxiety relief: Inhale lavender oil for calming effects. 9. Minor burn treatment: Apply diluted lavender oil on burns.

4: 10. Flavor enhancer: Use dried lavender in cooking. 11. Hair care: Lavender oil can promote hair growth. 12. Sunburn relief: Lavender oil soothes sunburned skin.

5: 13. Stress relief: Inhale lavender oil for stress relief. 14. Pet care: Lavender oil can help repel fleas on pets. 15. Carpet freshener: Sprinkle dried lavender on carpets.

6: 16. Air freshener: Drop lavender oil in a diffuser. 17. Cooking ingredient: Infuse lavender in honey for a unique flavor. 18. Mood booster: Inhaling lavender can uplift your mood.

7: 19. Insect bites: Apply lavender oil for itch relief. 20. Hand sanitizer: Mix lavender oil with aloe vera gel. 21. Homemade candles: Create lavender-scented candles.

8: 22. Flavoring for tea: Add dried lavender to tea blends. 23. Sore muscle relief: Massage lavender oil on sore muscles. 24. DIY skincare: Lavender oil can be added to homemade skincare products.

9: 25. Sunburn relief: A cold lavender compress soothes sunburn. 26. Linen spray: Freshen linens with a lavender spray. 27. Cooking ingredient: Lavender-infused sugar adds a floral touch.

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