1: Discover the mysterious aye-aye, with its long, thin middle finger used for finding grubs in trees.

2: Meet the elusive saola, a rarely seen mammal with two parallel horns and striking white markings.

3: Learn about the unique fossa, a distant relative of the mongoose and the largest predator in Madagascar.

4: Explore the otherworldly axolotl, a salamander that remains in its larval form even in adulthood.

5: Encounter the bizarre okapi, often referred to as a "forest giraffe" due to its long neck and striped legs.

6: Witness the fascinating dugong, a marine mammal similar to a manatee but with a dolphin-like tail.

7: Uncover the mysterious thylacine, or Tasmanian tiger, a carnivorous marsupial thought to be extinct.

8: Marvel at the impressive shoebill, a large bird with a shoe-shaped bill and a fierce hunting instinct.

9: Appreciate the beauty of the pink fairy armadillo, the smallest and cutest armadillo species in the world.

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