1: Classic French Manicure - Timeless elegance and simplicity meet in this iconic nail design.

2: French Ombre Nails - A stylish twist on the traditional French manicure, blending shades seamlessly.

3: Glitter French Tips - Add a touch of sparkle and glam to your classic French manicure.

4: French Marble Nails - A chic and modern take on the French nail design, featuring marble accents.

5: French Reverse Manicure - Switch things up with a playful and eye-catching reverse French nail design.

6: French Geometric Nails - Geometric shapes and lines elevate the classic French manicure to new heights.

7: French Floral Nails - Embrace feminine and delicate floral patterns on your French manicure.

8: French Negative Space Nails - Showcase a modern and edgy look with negative space incorporated into your French manicure.

9: French Rainbow Tips - Add a pop of color and fun to your French manicure with vibrant rainbow tips.

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