1: 1. Portable Wi-Fi Device Stay connected on-the-go with a portable Wi-Fi device in Japan.

2: 2. Suica Card Conveniently pay for transportation and shopping with a Suica card.

3: 3. Japanese Language Guidebook Navigate Japan with ease using a Japanese language guidebook.

4: 4. Pocket Wi-Fi Translator Break the language barrier with a pocket Wi-Fi translator in Japan.

5: 5. Traditional Japanese Clothing Immerse yourself in the culture with traditional Japanese clothing.

6: 6. Travel Health Insurance Stay protected with travel health insurance when in Japan.

7: 7. International Driver's Permit Explore Japan's scenic routes with an international driver's permit.

8: 8. Universal Adapter Charge your devices hassle-free with a universal adapter in Japan.

9: 9. Reusable Shopping Bags Go green and carry your groceries in reusable shopping bags in Japan.

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