1: 1. Make wine jelly for a unique spread. 2. Use red wine to marinate steak.

2: 3. Create a DIY fruit fly trap with white wine. 4. Make wine ice cubes for cocktails.

3: 5. Use leftover wine to deglaze pans. 6. Make a refreshing sangria popsicle.

4: 7. Create wine-infused salad dressings. 8. Make a wine reduction sauce for pasta.

5: 9. Use red wine to dye fabric or Easter eggs. 10. Make a wine vinegar hair rinse.

6: 11. Create a wine face mask for glowing skin. 12. Use white wine to clean fruit stains.

7: 13. Make a wine-infused candle for a cozy scent. 14. Create wine gummies for a sweet treat.

8: 15. Make a wine simple syrup for cocktails. 16. Use wine as a cleaning solution for jewelry.

9: 17. Create a wine vinegar cleaning spray. 18. Make wine-soaked fruits for a tasty dessert.

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