1: Marvel Phase 5 Rumor #1: X-Men vs. Avengers crossover movie in the works.

2: Marvel Phase 5 Rumor #2: Spider-Man to team up with Deadpool in a buddy comedy film.

3: Marvel Phase 5 Rumor #3: Fantastic Four to join the MCU and face off against Doctor Doom.

4: Marvel Phase 5 Rumor #4: Hulk to get his solo film exploring his origins and inner struggle.

5: Marvel Phase 5 Rumor #5: Black Panther to lead a secret Avengers team in a covert mission.

6: Marvel Phase 5 Rumor #6: Captain Marvel to face off against Galactus in an epic space battle.

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9: Keep dreaming Marvel fans, the future of the MCU looks brighter than ever with Phase 5.

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