1: 1. Mangosteen: A tropical fruit with a sweet and tangy flavor.

2: 2. Durian: Known for its strong odor, but loved for its creamy texture.

3: 3. Dragon fruit: Vibrant pink fruit with a mild, sweet taste.

4: 4. Cherimoya: Also called the "custard apple," known for its creamy texture.

5: 5. Kiwano: A spiky orange fruit with a cucumber-like flavor.

6: 6. Jabuticaba: A purple fruit that grows directly on the trunk of the tree.

7: 7. Rambutan: A hairy fruit with a sweet and juicy flesh.

8: 8. Salak: Also known as snake fruit, has a unique taste similar to apples and pineapple.

9: 9. Buddha's hand: Fragrant citrus fruit used for its zest and aroma.

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