1: Discover 5 stunning drought-tolerant plants perfect for low water landscapes – from vibrant succulents to hardy agaves.

2: Lavender: Fragrant and resilient, this flowering plant adds a touch of purple to any drought-resistant garden.

3: Sedum: Also known as stonecrop, this low-maintenance succulent thrives in dry conditions with minimal watering.

4: Yucca: With its architectural shape and sword-like leaves, yucca is a striking addition to any water-efficient garden.

5: Agave: These versatile plants come in a variety of sizes and colors, making them ideal for xeriscaping projects.

6: Lantana: This colorful flowering plant attracts pollinators while requiring little water, perfect for a low-maintenance landscape design.

7: Kangaroo Paw: Native to Australia, this unique plant features tubular flowers that add a pop of color to dry gardens.

8: Russian Sage: With its silvery foliage and aromatic scent, Russian sage thrives in drought-prone areas with full sun.

9: Penstemon: This resilient perennial comes in a range of colors and sizes, perfect for adding a splash of color to your water-wise garden.

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