1: Avoid giving gifts in sets of four as the number is associated with death in Japan.

2: Do not wrap gifts in white or black paper, as these colors are linked to funerals.

3: Never open a gift in front of the giver as it may be considered rude in Japanese culture.

4: Avoid giving sharp objects like knives as they symbolize cutting ties or relationships.

5: Be mindful of the quality and wrapping of your gift as presentation is crucial in Japan.

6: Avoid giving gifts with your left hand as it is considered disrespectful in Japanese etiquette.

7: Do not give gifts in odd numbers, as they are often associated with bad luck in Japan.

8: Avoid gifting overly expensive items, as it may embarrass the recipient in Japanese culture.

9: Be cautious of giving gifts with certain flower associations, such as camellias which symbolize death in Japan.

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