1: 1. Try cabbage stir-fried with soy sauce for a delicious Asian twist.

2: 2. Roll cabbage leaves with ground meat for mouth-watering cabbage rolls.

3: 3. Make creamy mashed potatoes with added cabbage for a unique twist.

4: 4. Roast cabbage wedges with garlic and olive oil for a flavorful side dish.

5: 5. Stuff cabbage leaves with rice and tomato sauce for a hearty meal.

6: 6. Add shredded cabbage to your favorite coleslaw recipe for a refreshing crunch.

7: 7. Make a cabbage and apple slaw with a tangy vinaigrette dressing.

8: 8. Grill cabbage steaks with a balsamic glaze for a gourmet twist.

9: 9. Bake cabbage wedges with bacon and cheese for a savory dish.

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