1: Discover the bizarre Penis Festival in Japan, where people celebrate fertility with phallic-shaped decorations.

2: Explore the Baby Jumping Festival in Spain, where men dressed as devils leap over infants for good luck.

3: Witness the Finger-Cutting ritual in Indonesia, where the Dani tribe chops off fingers to mourn the dead.

4: Uncover the Cow Dung Bathing Festival in India, where villagers believe cow dung has healing properties.

5: Learn about the Bull-Leaping Ceremony in Crete, Greece, where acrobats vault over charging bulls in a daring display.

6: Experience the Tooth Filing tradition in Bali, where teenagers undergo painful dental sharpening to rid of evil.

7: Marvel at the Kanamara Matsuri in Japan, a phallic festival that celebrates fertility and safe childbirth.

8: Witness the Thaipusam festival in Malaysia, where devotees pierce their skin with hooks and skewers as a form of sacrifice.

9: Explore the Monkey Buffet Festival in Thailand, where locals offer over 6000 pounds of fruit to wild monkeys.

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