1: 1. Transform carrot tops into pesto. 2. Make vegetable broth with onion skins. 3. Pickle cucumber ends for a tangy snack.

2: 1. Turn radish greens into a flavorful sauce. 2. Regrow lettuce from the base. 3. Bake potato peels for crispy chips.

3: 1. Blend broccoli stalks into soup. 2. Roast pumpkin seeds for a crunchy snack. 3. Ferment cabbage cores for homemade sauerkraut.

4: 1. Create a stir-fry with bell pepper scraps. 2. Infuse water with citrus peels. 3. Crisp up kale stems for a healthy snack.

5: 1. Make a smoothie with leftover avocado pits. 2. Bake apple peels for a sweet treat. 3. Juice watermelon rinds for a refreshing drink.

6: 1. Toast bread crumbs with garlic scraps. 2. Bake zucchini ends into muffins. 3. Blend cilantro stems into a flavorful pesto.

7: 1. Roast sweet potato skins for a crispy snack. 2. Turn celery leaves into a herb-infused oil. 3. Make a salsa with tomato scraps.

8: 1. Use leek greens in a homemade stock. 2. Stir-fry cauliflower leaves for a crunchy side. 3. Blend beet greens into a nutritious smoothie.

9: 1. Roast butternut squash seeds for a tasty snack. 2. Infuse vinegar with herb stems. 3. Create a slaw with broccoli stems.

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