1: Achieve the perfect custard pie consistency by using a water bath to gently cook the custard filling.

2: Avoid overmixing the custard ingredients to prevent a rubbery texture in your pie.

3: Use high-quality ingredients like fresh eggs and whole milk for a creamy custard texture.

4: Prevent curdling by gradually adding hot milk to the beaten eggs while stirring constantly.

5: For a smooth custard texture, strain the mixture before baking to remove any lumps.

6: Bake your custard pie in a water bath at a low temperature for a silky, smooth consistency.

7: Allow your custard pie to cool completely before slicing to achieve the perfect set.

8: Refrigerate your custard pie for a few hours to firm up the filling and enhance the flavors.

9: Serve your custard pie with whipped cream or fresh fruit for a delicious finishing touch.

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