1: Discover the fascinating Manta Ray, a gentle giant that helps keep the ocean clean by feeding on plankton and debris.

2: Learn about the industrious Cleaner Shrimp, a tiny creature that picks parasites off larger fish, contributing to coral reef health.

3: Manta Rays can consume up to 60 pounds of plankton per day, playing a crucial role in maintaining the balance of the marine ecosystem.

4: Cleaner Shrimp establish cleaning stations on reefs, attracting fish seeking a spa-like service and helping to keep their skin free of parasites.

5: Manta Rays glide effortlessly through the water, filter-feeding on microscopic organisms while also removing debris from their environment.

6: Cleaner Shrimp work tirelessly to remove dead skin, parasites, and bacteria from the bodies of larger fish, ensuring their well-being.

7: Manta Rays display acrobatic moves as they somersault and barrel roll, not only for play but also to keep their gills clear of particles.

8: Cleaner Shrimp exhibit cooperative behavior, working together in pairs or groups to efficiently clean the surfaces of their clients.

9: Appreciate the vital role that Manta Rays and Cleaner Shrimp play in maintaining clean environments in our oceans, fostering biodiversity and sustainability.

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