1: The Cleaner Shrimp Efficiently removing parasites from other marine creatures, the cleaner shrimp plays a vital role in maintaining cleanliness in the ocean.

2: The Sea Urchin Regarded as the underwater vacuum cleaners, sea urchins help keep coral reefs clean by feeding on algae and detritus.

3: Meet the Cleaner Wrasse Known for its meticulous cleaning habits, the cleaner wrasse provides a valuable service by removing dead skin and parasites from other fish.

4: The Mantis Shrimp With powerful claws and lightning-fast strikes, the mantis shrimp helps control populations of smaller crustaceans and maintain balance in the ecosystem.

5: The Sand Sifter Starfish By sifting through sand and consuming detritus, the sand sifter starfish plays a crucial role in keeping the ocean floor clean and healthy.

6: The Surgeonfish Feeding on algae and coral parasites, surgeonfish are essential in preventing overgrowth and maintaining the health of coral reefs.

7: The Cleaner Goby Known for forming symbiotic relationships with other species, the cleaner goby assists in maintaining the hygiene of its underwater companions.

8: The Decorator Crab Utilizing algae and other materials to camouflage themselves, decorator crabs contribute to the cleanliness of their environment by blending in seamlessly.

9: The Cleaner Clam Filter feeding on plankton and other particles, cleaner clams help purify water and maintain the overall cleanliness of their aquatic habitats.

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