1: Meet the Cleaner Shrimp, a small but mighty creature that cleans parasites off larger fish in coral reefs.

2: The Manta Ray is another aquatic animal known for its cleaning abilities, as it attracts cleaner fish to remove parasites.

3: Cleaner Shrimps create cleaning stations where fish come to get rid of parasites, benefiting both parties.

4: Manta Rays visit cleaning stations where cleaner fish pick off parasites, helping the giant creatures stay healthy.

5: Cleaner Shrimp have a symbiotic relationship with fish, as they benefit from consuming the parasites and keep the fish healthy.

6: Manta Rays depend on cleaner fish to keep their skin and gills clean, improving their overall health and lifespan.

7: Cleaner Shrimp have specialized pincers to remove parasites from the skin, gills, and mouths of fish they clean.

8: Manta Rays rely on a variety of cleaner fish species to remove parasites from hard-to-reach areas on their bodies.

9: Witness the incredible teamwork and cleaning abilities of these two aquatic animals as they maintain a healthy ecosystem.

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