1: 1. Create a budget to track expenses. 2. Use cashback apps for savings on purchases. 3. Cook meals at home to save money.

2: 4. Cancel unused subscriptions and services. 5. Shop for second-hand items instead of buying new. 6. Set financial goals and save a portion each month.

3: 7. Use student discounts for savings on purchases. 8. Avoid impulse buying and stick to shopping lists. 9. Compare prices before making big purchases.

4: 10. Use public transportation or carpool to save on gas. 11. Take advantage of free events and entertainment. 12. Negotiate bills and services for lower rates.

5: 13. DIY beauty and grooming treatments to save money. 14. Use loyalty programs for discounts and rewards. 15. Grow your own fruits and vegetables to save on groceries.

6: 16. Cut down on eating out by meal prepping. 17. Try DIY home repairs before calling professionals. 18. Save spare change in a piggy bank for extra savings.

7: 19. Use library resources for books and movies instead of buying. 20. Find free workout classes or videos online. 21. Borrow or share items with friends and family.

8: 22. Participate in clothing swaps or thrifting for new outfits. 23. Find free or cheap hobby classes in your area. 24. DIY gifts instead of buying expensive presents.

9: 25. Use cash envelopes for budgeting and spending control. 26. Use price tracking apps to find the best deals. 27. Open a high-interest savings account for long-term savings.

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