5 Simple Tricks for Organizing Your Bathroom Vanity

Does your bathroom vanity resemble a cluttered battlefield, overflowing with mismatched bottles, tangled toothpaste tubes, and rogue makeup brushes? Do you spend more time wrestling with overflowing drawers than pampering yourself with a relaxing bath? Fear not, fellow bathroom warriors! With a few clever tricks and some strategic organization, you can transform your vanity from a chaotic mess into a haven of serenity and efficiency.

Here are 5 simple tricks that will help you conquer the bathroom vanity clutter and create a space that sparks joy (and maybe even inspires a luxurious spa-like experience at home).

1. The Great Decanter Debacle: Declutter and Conquer

The first step to bathroom vanity bliss is a ruthless decluttering mission. Imagine your vanity as a blank canvas, ready for a masterpiece of organization. Pull out everything – yes, everything – and create a mountain of bathroom essentials on your countertop. This visual representation of your vanity’s contents will likely be a wake-up call, highlighting the sheer volume of products you actually own.

Pro Tip: Enlist the help of a friend or family member for this decluttering adventure. Not only will they provide moral support and an extra pair of hands, but their honest opinion can be invaluable when making tough decisions about what stays and what goes.

Now comes the real challenge – sorting through the mountain and deciding what sparks joy (or at least, a sense of clean and organized satisfaction). Here’s a helpful question to ask yourself for each item: “Have I used this in the past 6 months?” Be honest! Expired products, dried-up mascara wands, and half-empty bottles of mystery lotion only create clutter and take up precious space. Thank these items for their service and toss them out (responsibly, of course!).

2. Categorize and Conquer: Creating a Functional System

Once you’ve whittled down your collection to the essentials, it’s time to create a functional and organized system within your vanity. This will not only save you time in the morning rush but also prevent products from becoming lost in the abyss of overflowing drawers and cluttered shelves.

Here are some organizational tips:

  • Categorize by Use: Group your products by category (skincare, haircare, makeup, etc.) This makes it easier to find what you’re looking for in a flash, eliminating frantic morning searches for that elusive bottle of face wash.
  • Utilize Drawer Dividers: Combat drawer chaos with drawer dividers. These handy compartmentalizers help you separate and organize your various products, keeping everything neat and tidy. Choose dividers made from a durable material like bamboo or plastic, and consider adjustable options to customize your drawer space.
  • Embrace Clear Containers: Invest in clear storage containers for cotton swabs, makeup sponges, or other small bathroom essentials. Transparent containers allow you to see what’s inside at a glance, preventing rummaging and wasted time.

3. Vertical is Your Friend: Utilize Every Inch of Space

Don’t underestimate the power of vertical space! Utilizing the vertical space in your vanity can significantly increase your storage capacity. Here are some ideas:

  • Tiered Organizers: Invest in a tiered organizer to maximize vertical space within your drawers. These multi-level compartments are perfect for storing smaller items like makeup brushes, eyeliners, and lipsticks, keeping them organized and easily accessible.
  • Hanging Organizers: Consider installing an over-the-door organizer on the back of your bathroom door. This space-saving solution offers additional storage for hair dryers, curling irons, or other bathroom essentials, freeing up valuable drawer or counter space.
  • Shelf Risers: If your vanity has open shelves, utilize shelf risers to create additional storage levels. This allows you to double your shelf space, perfect for displaying decorative items or storing taller bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

4. Embrace the Power of Containers: Decanting for Style and Efficiency

Tired of mismatched bottles and cluttered shelves? Enter the decanting revolution! Decanting involves transferring your favorite lotions, shampoos, and conditioners into beautiful, refillable containers. This not only creates a visually appealing and cohesive aesthetic on your vanity but also helps you utilize every last drop of product.

Here’s how decanting can transform your bathroom vanity:

  • The Aesthetic Appeal: Invest in refillable containers that complement your bathroom’s style. Opt for sleek glass bottles with matte black pumps or whimsical ceramic canisters. This creates a spa-like atmosphere and elevates your vanity from cluttered to curated.
  • Space Optimization: Many store-bought bottles come in bulky packaging with wasted space. Decanting allows you to refill containers in a size that perfectly fits your vanity shelves, maximizing storage efficiency.

Pro Tip: Label your decanted containers with waterproof labels to easily identify the contents. This not only adds a touch of personalization but also prevents accidental misuse (nobody wants to wash their hair with body lotion!).

5. Maintain the Magic: Keeping Your Organized Oasis Pristine

Congratulations! You’ve successfully conquered the bathroom vanity clutter and created a haven of organized serenity. But the battle isn’t over yet. Here are some tips to maintain your clutter-free oasis:

  • The One-In, One-Out Rule: For every new product you bring into your bathroom, declutter an old one. This prevents your vanity from overflowing again. Be honest with yourself – do you really need that tenth bottle of body wash?
  • Regular Reviews: Schedule regular decluttering audits (quarterly or biannually) to assess your bathroom essentials and toss out any expired products or unused items.
  • Quick Daily Tidy: Take a few minutes each day to put things back in their designated spots. This small habit prevents clutter from accumulating and keeps your vanity looking sharp.

By following these simple tricks, you can transform your bathroom vanity from a cluttered mess into a space that promotes relaxation, efficiency, and maybe even a little bit of self-care indulgence. Remember, a well-organized bathroom is a more enjoyable bathroom, allowing you to start (and end!) your day feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.


1. I have limited storage space in my bathroom vanity. Any tips for maximizing what I have?

Absolutely! Here are a few ideas for maximizing storage space in a small vanity:

  • Wall-mounted shelves: Utilize the walls above your vanity to install floating shelves. This creates additional storage space without sacrificing valuable countertop or drawer real estate.
  • Under-sink organizers: Invest in a tiered organizer that fits under your sink. This space is perfect for storing cleaning supplies, extra towels, or bulky toiletries.
  • Shower caddy corner shelves: Maximize the corner space in your shower by installing caddy corner shelves. This offers additional storage for shampoo, conditioner, and other shower essentials.

2. I share a bathroom with roommates/family. How can I keep my things organized?

Sharing a bathroom can be tricky, but organization is key! Here are some tips:

  • Designated storage: Divide drawers or shelves with drawer dividers and designate specific sections for each person’s belongings.
  • Hanging organizers: Utilize hanging organizers with separate compartments for each person. This allows everyone to have their own designated space for toiletries and makeup.
  • Labeling is key: Clearly label all your containers and shelves to avoid any confusion or accidental borrowing (nobody wants to use someone else’s toothpaste!).

3. Where can I find stylish storage containers for decanting?

There are many places to find beautiful and functional storage containers for decanting. Here are a few options:

  • Home goods stores: Stores like Target, HomeGoods, or Marshalls offer a wide variety of refillable containers in different styles and materials.
  • Online retailers: Websites like Amazon or Etsy offer a vast selection of decanting containers, allowing you to find options that perfectly match your bathroom’s aesthetic.
  • Dollar stores: Believe it or not, dollar stores can be a treasure trove for affordable storage containers. Just be sure to choose options made from durable materials.

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